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Breathwork – A Master key

There is a reason why pranayama is the step before preparation for meditation in Patanjalis 8 limbs of Yoga. The Breath is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Breath is the practice you master after the physical asanas and when you are wishing to deepen your meditation experience.

From the beginning of time, controlled breathing has been used to still the mind so less thoughts are in the way for pure consciousness to be experienced. Basically controlled breathing techniques have been one of the main keys to cleanse the Nadi and Chakra system so that a higher level of energy flows, which results in more profound levels of meditation.   Even on a physical level, breathing is what results in 70% of toxins being removed from the body. Followed by sweat which removes 20%, urine which removes 7% and finally faecal matter which removes 3%. If our breathing mechanism does this on a physical level, imagine how many impurities it removes on an energetic level?!

My name is Jaan Jerabek, and I was blessed to start my meditation practice at the age of 14. Soon after I came across the benefit of the practice of pranayama before each meditation to facilitate an easier passage into stillness. At the age of 17 my journey took me to experience my 1st session of ‘Rebirthing’ style breathwork which in  essence is 60 to 90 minutes of connected breathing, using an energetic breath focusing the inhale into the upper chest area, the seat of the heart chakra and heart channels. This started to change my life in a very profound way. You see, the main chunk of energetic impurities that block our Nadi system are our old, unprocessed emotions and ‘Vasana’s’, our ‘Core beliefs’.

There is a reason why spiritual practices, whether Asana, fasting, meditation etc bring up so many old emotions to be processed. Our old emotional wounds, Samskaras are the main stale energies blocking our Nadis and Chakras. These stale emotions are the main substances that make up the encasing around our true self, our soul. It is why they come up so quickly when we wish and work towards the spiritual experience.

Each session of Rebirthing style Breathwork or ‘Cathartic Style Breathwork’ (as I focus on the emotional catharsis), results in a large chunk of these emotions coming to the surface to be expelled. It may not sound like fun, but it speeds up the loosening of the soul, and the body for that matter, from its rigid encasing immeasurably.

I have had 22 years of meditating experience and I see this style of Breathwork as the long lost Siamese twin of meditation. For the uncontrolled and automatic thoughts that disturb our stillness and meditation, always have their roots in old emotional trauma which is centred around a ‘Vasana’, a ‘Core belief’ such as ‘ I am not good enough or deserving of love’. This core belief will stay alive, dictating our thinking and reactions in life even after we have uncovered it and tried to ‘let go of it’. It stays alive and keeps running our lives because it has the electro-magnetic energy charge of strong emotions to keep it alive. It is only when we go deeply into the core of the emotions behind the core belief, that we really discharge the energy that keeps the Vasana alive and in control of us.

This is the benefit of this style of ‘ Cathartic Breathwork’. Each session enables you to release deep emotional pain associated with the Vasana ‘s running your thinking and hence your life. If the deep emotions are released, there are less uncontrolled and automatic thoughts and reactions to take us out of pure presence. Living permanently in a state of meditation results. You may be asking why is this technique not more widespread? Why don’t the ancient scriptures talk about this? They do. Chapter 4, Verse 29 of the Bhagavat Gita. ‘Sacrifice the inhale to the exhale, and sacrifice the exhale to the inhale to achieve Samadhi’. Connected Breathing is what it refers to. A specific speed, depth and intensity for 60 to 90 minutes is the key. This needs to be safely facilitated by someone thoroughly trained in it due to the trauma release aspect.

The way I see it, this planet has paid enough of its collective Karmic debt to be given this gift to make things a bit easier.

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