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Villa Shakti is the ultimate place to have your mind switched off for you. Jaan Jerabek initially bought it in his mid 20’s as his meditation ‘cave’, spending up to 8 hours a day meditating in it and as a result the house has the beautiful energies of peace and stillness impregnated into its atmosphere. It has been blessed by the Presence of various enlightened Masters both on the physical level and spiritual level. It is at the top of Dangar Island, away from the noise of the boats and the bustle hustle of the flat, busy section. Perfect for those who wish to ‘Hermit’ away and spend a few days or a few weeks going deep within and rejuvinating.

It is also the perfect escape for a relaxing weekend or holiday for spiritually orientated couples.>

It can also be used for small yoga &/ meditation retreat groups as the whole bottom floor is a dedicated to shrine to ‘Babaji’ the Yogi Christ of India who is the equivalent of the Patron Saint of Breathwork . The Villa is a beautiful light filled, open plan, contemporary 3 story home with water views of the Hawksbury River. All levels have water views.

The main middle level is the open plan living room with fireplace and 3 lounges, TV/Blu –Ray DVD player with a selection of DVDs. 2 outdoor decks both with tables and chairs, the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen has everything you should need to make your meals including dish washing machine, oven, juicer, blender, toaster, but no microwave.

The lower level is a yoga / meditation retreat space.

The upper level is the private bedroom, with a hotel quality king size bed and wardrobes. All towels and sheets are provided.

Dangar Island is a beautiful peace filled island on the Hawkesbury River, of 29 hectares in area. It is a beautiful walk around the island and down to the beach. Dangar is a suburb of Hornsby Shire. It has a population of about 250. The island is serviced regularly by the Dangar Island Ferry service that departs from Brooklyn Wharf and takes about ten minutes. The Brooklyn ferry is itself adjacent to the CityRail station of Hawkesbury River. The ferry service is in operation 7 days a week. You make also take a water taxi to the Island. No cars are allowed on the island, so the islanders use wheelbarrows to take their items home, or a hire buggy is available if you don’t want to walk.

To find out rates and availabilities please call us on

1300 500 881

Conditions: Min. 2 night stay
Tarrifs: Payments can be made online.

Weekend $ 620 and $220 per extra day in the peak season, Nov-Mar
$520 and $180 per extra day in non peak season, Apr-Oct

Weekday $520 per 2 days and $220 per extra day in peak season
$460 per 2 days and $200 per extra day in non peak season

We know you will have a wonderfully relaxing time on Dangar Island, you won’t want to leave. It’s a very special place…. Enjoy, relax and unwind.

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