Rebirthing Breathwork – from therapy to the Grace of the Master

Two seekers sit at the feet of an enlightened being.

One is in a state of rapture, swaying in ecstasy, their body locked in spontaneous Kriya’s (yogic muscle locks/ contractions) and they are oblivious to their material world surroundings as their eyes direct  their consciousness upward to the sublime regions of the higher divine chakras – the blessing of Samadhi. Subsequently they feel they have found their ‘true’ master, and later all else becomes irrelevant. They have ‘found it’.

The other seeker on the other hand is sitting and waiting for something to happen, waiting, if some what impatiently for their experience, the promised  expanded state they were told occurs in the presence of a ‘real’ master. Maybe, they start to think, my mind is a bit more quiet… They are not sure though. Maybe, they think, I feel a little bit of energy around my heart – but am I imagining it? Mmm… Maybe this person is not enlightened. That’s it. This person is not the real deal. I must keep searching.

Sounds familiar? This is the dynamic behind all the controversy and debate about whether or not
so- and-so is enlightened.

The truth is, a true enlightened master WILL give you a taste of heaven, the bliss they live in, but YOU have to have done the groundwork. It is you who have to go through the usually long and unpleasant task of feeling all of the grief, fear, anger and shame accumulated over a lifetime (lifetimes really) that blocks your heart (chakras) and energy channels (nadis).

The process of liberation does not happen in your thoughts through mental level processing modalities, of which 90% of healing modalities on the market function at. Nor does the process of liberation occur on the physical level through stretching, squeezing and cleansing. The real enlightenment process occurs in the heart, the feeling core, the central processing unit of the bodymind. You will experience the love, bliss, ecstasy and unbridled joy in your heart, only, to the degree you let yourself experience the reasons you closed of your heart in the first place. The pain of childhood and growing up in an age and generation where only the first stirrings of conscious living and upbringing started.  All of the unpleasant emotions  which you did not have the support and  education to deal with made you close up your feeling core, your heart. It is through these emotions that we have to sift through and re-experience again to reverse this closing up. And that is the difference between the two seekers at the feet of the Master . One has their heart open and Nadi’s cleansed, the other does not. This level of cleansing and opening are what Rebirthing Breathwork makes available to us.

Rebirthing Breathwork, I see, is the end result of this planet collectively having dealt with enough of its Karma to have things a bit easier. It is the end result of the experimentation with different spiritual purifications of a seeker in the U.S , and the pioneering work of a doctor of psychotherapy in the Czech Republic involving LSD and the spiritual aspect of psychotherapy.  Both of these ‘fathers’ of the Breathwork movement ‘gave birth’ to this modality around the 60’s, during the time 2 of a significant waking-up phase of this planet. Over the next few decades it went through its adolescence phase and now has arrived at its evolved version already used by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, around the world.

The main difference Rebirthing Breathwork offers over other modalities is the fact that it does not engage the head. The thinking principle. The thinking principle which the Masters continually tell us to go beyond to achieve ‘the’ states.  The energetic, connected breathing which goes from 60 – 90 minutes in duration, most effectively done through the mouth in an energetic way, results in literally pushing the consciousness past the mental, thinking level, beyond the personality, into what the masters call the expanded witness consciousness. It is in this state, beyond the constraints of the egoic defence system, that people are able to view themselves from the outside, letting themselves in on the emotions and beliefs that run them and shape their lives, the emotions and beliefs that resulted from painful childhood experiences. The real ‘gold’ is that the experiences do not just get a ‘viewing’ by you.

Rebirthing Breathwork nearly always enables you  to re-experience the emotional pain so that it can be permanently released and integrated. It is the feeling  of the emotional pain that many people can miss in their healing/transformation process because not many healing modalities offer this ‘side-stepping’ of the egoic  defence systems. It is this emotional pain that keeps beliefs such as ‘’I am not good enough, I am not loved, I do not deserve’’ alive and dictating your relationships and abundance.

Many people think becoming aware of these beliefs and affirming the opposite is enough to heal them. Not true. These beliefs are kept alive by the emotional energy charge of fear, grief, anger and  shame. The emotional energy charge keeps these beliefs entrenched  in the deeper  layers of the unconscious and keep dictating a persons thinking process, hence decision making, hence actions and behaviours hence their destiny. How many people do you know who walk around thinking on a conscious level that they are good enough, that they do deserve love and abundance, they are the love and  bliss, yet their material life does not reflect it? They are still struggling with money and making their projects successful enough to give them selves ALL they want?  And how many are either not in a fulfilling relationship or struggling in the one they are in? Many make the mistake of thinking reading books and self analysis is enough.  It is through the egoic displacement that occurs through a Rebirthing Breathwork session, that we feel these emotions, discharging  the energy behind these beliefs, which enables in turn these beliefs to simply drop of.  As we gradually open up our heart by letting ourselves in on the feelings that made us close it in the first place, we develop the capacity to let more love and goodness in. This then translates into letting in not just the goodness of relationship based love & forms of abundance such as money, this eventually enables us to let in the universal love and abundance of the Masters grace more readily.  It ALL happens in the Heart, the feeling core of the Bodymind. I have been meditating since the age of 14, by the age of 19 started to experience the first levels of the Kundalini awakening. I have used  Rebirthing Breathwork for 16 years of my 20 years of meditation and as a result have been able to observe  what a session of effective, mouth breathing, emotionally cathartic style of Breathwork does as far as clearing our nadi system, usually  takes 6 to 8 weeks of daily hour-long meditations (and that’s being generous ). When you combine the two, you have the ultimate combination of practical enlightenment.  Hopefully this explains why some people can live in ashrams for decades and still not achieve the higher states, and can come across as wounded. Enlightenment  is very down to earth. For most it involves doing 3 the hard yards of deep therapy/personal development work you cannot get out of a self-help book or in a yoga/meditation class.


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