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Sri Jaya Shakti

Sri Jaya Shakti

It gives us great pleasure to announce Sri Jaya Shakti’s Australian Tour this March.

Although no stranger to Australia, having visited his students many times here in the past, this is one of the first times that a push for greater awareness of Sri Jaya Shakti, his message & mission AND a more ‘official’ launching of his ‘Kundalini Tantra Yoga’ is taking place.

For more information on Sri Jaya Shakti
please visit his ashram site

The Sydney section of his tour will have 2 main events taking place.

The first will be a ‘Satsang’ at the MASONIC HALL in the CBD of Sydney on Thursday evening the 14th of March. This free, open to all, event will mark the start of his tour and is an opportunity to  bring family and friends to sit in the energy field of an Enlightened Master, ask questions, listen to discourses, chant and meditate AND ALSO receive formal blessings. Please do come and join us for this and tell all your friends about it…everyone is most welcome!

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The second will be a weekend of ‘Advanced Yoga Practices’ starting the night following the Free Satsang, on the Friday evening the 15th and continuing all day saturday and sunday, the 16th & 17th of March on the Northern Beaches.
The weekend will include sessions of Sri Jaya Shakti’s ‘Kundalini Tantra Yoga’, Mantra Initiation, Chanting, Meditating AND a session of Cathartic Breathwork – The long lost Siamese twin of Meditation, the technique that is written about in the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4, Verse 29 and the technique that has been used by disciples since the beginning of time to cleanse their heart channels and prepare their system for Shaktipat, the Grace of their Guru to come through at a greater magnitude then otherwise would.
The Cathartic Breathwork will be facilitated by Jaan Jerabek and his team of facilitators/ therapists. Jaan is the founder & director of Global Transformative Education, the largest Breathwork Training and Therapy Organization in the Southern Hemisphere. Jaan has  been meditating since the age of 14 and combining Cathartic Breathwork with meditation since the age of 17 (over 20 years now) so you will be in the best hands to undergo initiation into this most profound consciousness raising/ Nadi Cleansing technique. read more on Jaan Jerabek…
The weekend is a non-residential with food and refreshments catered for.
The weekend costs $590 and is open to everybody, whether you are new to Yoga or an experienced Yogi or Yogini. Do come and join us for this and tell all your friends about it… This will be a Powerful & Blissful weekend you will not forget!

Date: Thursday 14th March
Time: 6pm onwards.
Location: 66 Goulburn St. Sydney Masonic Hall, Sydney CBD
Cost: FREE  Registration: 1300 500 881- ASAP. Limited spaces.

Weekend Workshop
Date: Friday – Saturday – Sunday, 15th-16th-17th March.
Time: 6pm-10pm Friday, 9.30am-5.30pm Saturday-Sunday.
Location: South Narrabeen Surf Life Saving Club, 1200 Pittwater Road, Narrabeen
Cost: $590  Registration: 1300 500 881- ASAP. Limited spaces.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jaan and Gina Burn – Jerabek

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