Depression – An Illness or emotional constipation?

The treatment of depression in the new paradigm we are in now, requires us to change our attitude collectively. The approaches  that account for most of the depression  treatments  in the past were very clinical, overly logical, unwholistic and even brutal. There seems to have been a need to categorize  depression;  is it non-melancholic, melancholic, reactive, clinical, does it come from genetic factors, is it personality style?  is it biochemical? …  Let’s put it in its category, label it, and follow the standard protocol for that type. Even though the labelling and following protocol has been the much needed approach to scientific  problem solving, depression has zero to do with science.  It does have everything to do with emotional  intelligence  and awareness  of our true nature though. The labelling of the types of these afflictions does more damage than good. People are creating the ‘stuckness’ of depression  in the first place by limiting themselves and putting themselves into a self induced hypnotic trance  of ‘’ I have Depression, I am Depressed, I have Depression, I am Depressed ’’ and  ‘’ Since I have a,b & c form of depression I will always be on antidepressants or will need 5-10 years of therapy’’ .

The truth is that Depression is a call to introspect and undergo a process of emotional release, and growth – hence a change in personal  values  & a life transition. The truth is also that there is only one Depression. The causative  factors of the  degrees  of Depression are the only real difference; by way of how many units of pain there are for each individual. These units of pain are the old & toxic emotions leftover from the past. ‘Emotional constipation’ is the most direct way of putting it. For example:  10 units of old emotional pain may be experienced as reactive depression.  If   50 units of pain it is heading towards clinical depression, and 100 units of pain could be entering the chronic/ melancholic depression zone.

Understanding  the Depression process:  Depression is the surface presenting symptom of varying degrees of old emotional pain, trapped deep in the unconscious layers of the mind, which has grown so stagnant & toxic that it stops the rest of one’s energy flowing – be it happy/joyful feeling  energy or physical action/motivation energy. This may lead to the reported feeling’s of deadness/ unhappiness  and  lack of inspiration & enthusiasm. Usually the emotional  energy  that is trapped in the unconscious layers of the mind is grief &/ anger and all the various shades of these 2 primary emotions. For grief the shades may be emptiness, despair, helplessness & hopelessness, melancholy, gloomy/moody, despondancy,  flat/numb, tiredness and so forth. For anger the shades may be frustration, irritation, withdrawn, non- communication, sulking, bitterness, impatience and so forth.

What depressed people suffer from is the by- product of holding onto emotional pain that is passed  its  used -by date and needing to be released. This release can easily occur through an effective emotional release technique such as Cathartic Style Rebirthing Breathwork – the ultimate emotional enema.

When we hold onto an old & painful emotional  experience, which is made up out of  ( for example ) 10 units of lifeforce energy, 11 units more of lifeforce energy are required to  hold down the emotional experience  in our unconscious mind, and in our neuromuscular system in the form of tense muscles. If we have many old emotional pains held in our system there ends  up  being  less  lifeforce energy left to be used up as happy/ joyful feelings, inspiration/ motivation & energy to live…  What we call Depression then takes over. Whether the main depression episode is triggered by a stressful event; comes from a personality style, or is put down as genetic or biochemical, the emotional cause explains the mechanism behind all of these. Even what we call genetic depression is not a case of depression being passed down into the physical body through genes. Even though there is a slight element of this, what really is passed on from mother & father to child are the unconscious emotional coping habits and the same degree of self-worth/ healthy attitude towards themselves. So if mum and dad never gave themselves permission to feel their emotions fully or value themselves in a healthy and nurturing way and let themselves live fully, then we received  these messages very early on and decided that is how we should also be. The end result is that if a lifetime of our parents not allowing themselves to feel fully would result in depression for them, would not the same way of dealing with (or should I say not dealing with) our emotions eventually result in the same for us?  When we look at biochemical depression, which is a type of depression attributed to a lack of serotonin or noradrenaline  going through our system, we also see a behind the scenes mechanism occurring …  our  body and mind are one unit. Simply put, if there are no happy juices – joy flowing through the mind/ emotional energy system, of course this will eventually show up in a biological/ physical reflection of the same thing. The physical happy juices/ joy chemicals being serotonin, nor-adrenaline and other  mood stabilizing hormones & neurotransmitters that antidepressants try to address , will be absent.  It all goes back to the emotional, mental & spiritual bodies.

Jaan Jerabek  is in his 15th year of  facilitating Rebirthing Breathwork sessions and personal development programmes. People fly from all over Australia to participate in his residential programmes.  He is passionate about making Breathwork a mainstream psychotherapeutic healing modality especially for depression and anxiety sufferers who often are suffering  in isolation and needlessly.  You can find out more about Jaan  Jerabek  and his work at and   or call him directly on 02 9985 7278 in Sydney.

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