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Importance of Emotional Release

After over 20 years experience in emotional release work, both with my own awakening process, and 17 of those years professionally facilitating other peoples emotional release process through ‘Cathartic style Breathwork’, the importance of ‘emotional integration’ is still the main message I have for people who wish to be free of Depression, Anxiety, Relationship issues such as lack of boundaries, recurring patterns of conflict and sexual issues or simply wish for more inner peace.

When I speak of ‘emotional integration’ I am not talking about self help books Read More→

Cathartic style breathwork


Breathwork has been around since the beginning of man developing systems to feel happier, improve health and be more connected to the universe.

In the last 5 decades Breathwork has evolved to a whole new level, and been developed into the art & science that we know as Rebirthing Breathwork or the more ‘Cathartic’ style originally called Holotropic Breathwork. Thanks to the explorations of Leonard Orr, an American spiritual disciple and Stanislav Groff, a Czechoslovakian Doctor of psychotherapy, we have been given the greatest psychotherapeutic discovery since the distinction was made between the conscious and the unconscious motivating layers of the mind.

I am writing this article with the aim to raise awareness of why we refer to  ‘Breathwork’ as the future of therapy. Read More→

Thinking too much?

No inner peace let alone inner meditative stillness?

Whether it is anxiety, obsessive thinking patterns, obsessive compulsive disorder, too active a mind that results in sleep issues or simply the inability to quieten the mind and still it in order to experience a meditative state we all suffer to various degrees from too much thinking. The ‘ monkey mind ‘, the overly busy mind is actually the end result of holding onto too much emotional pain in the heart/ body mind. Read More→

Rebirthing and healing

From its mystical origins to its rediscovery period in the 1960s and 1970s, rebirthing has come a long way. Some would even say rebirthing has finally come out of infancy. After four decades of being sidelined and misrepresented, it is finally taking its rightful place as a valid and effective healing and psychotherapeutic modality.

Rebirthing is, in fact, just one of the terms that fall under the label of “breathwork”. Others include Read More→