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Why Our Emotions Are The Key To Pronounced And Lasting Change.

Things were not always going well for me. I was always emotionally stuck,full of anxiety and riddled with physical ailments, not to mention broke and never able to achieve the abundance of love & money ‘I knew I deserved’. Read More→

Anxiety – An indicator of un-surfaced depression

Q. What is Anxiety from an ‘ Emotional Intelligence’ viewpoint?

 A. Anxiety is the equivalent of the surface presenting symptom Read More→

Depression – An Illness or emotional constipation?

The treatment of depression in the new paradigm we are in now, requires us to change our attitude collectively. The approaches  that account for most of the depression  treatments  in the past were very clinical, overly logical, unwholistic and even brutal. There seems to have been a need to categorize  depression;  is it non-melancholic, melancholic, reactive, clinical, does it come from genetic factors, is it personality style?  is it biochemical? Read More→

Self Worth equals Self Love in Action.

Self Worth/ Self Love. We all aspire to having a high degree of self worth, though very few of us entered adulthood with our sense of self worth intact. If you are one of the lucky few you most probably have a high degree of self esteem and confidence, you feel good about yourself experiencing self honour and dignity, you have easy and smooth flowing relationships, you have your financial reality mastered and are free of addictions. Addictions ranging from drugs/alcohol, food, workaholism and even an addiction to misery are not in your experience. The rest of us though, who entered adulthood with low self worth experience the opposite. Read More→

Wanting to deepen your practices?

Breathwork – A Master key

There is a reason why pranayama is the step before preparation for meditation in Patanjalis 8 limbs of Yoga. The Breath is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Breath is the practice you master after the physical asanas and when you are wishing to deepen your meditation experience.

From the beginning of time, controlled breathing has been used to still the mind Read More→

Self Worth Healing

Whether we are trying to heal our current relationship and bring back more peace , love and intimacy that we experienced in its initial ‘honeymoon’ phase or deal with the blockages that hinder us from attracting a relationship in the 1st place. Whether we are trying to heal our sense of personal power and learn to communicate more powerfully & openly to people in our lives or simply find the strength to define and communicate our boundaries and learn to say ‘’no’’ because we are a people pleaser forever saying ‘yes’. Whether we are trying to get clear on our life purpose and reclaim our destiny in order to make a living from a passion or simply become more effective at or prosperous from, our current vocation. Whether we are trying to find more inner fulfilment and joy and heal the relationship with ourselves or are trying to become ‘enlightened’. Even if we are trying to heal our physical health and find the ‘cure’ to something that is ‘in-curable’….We are actually embarking on healing our damaged sense of ‘Self Worth’. Read More→

Rebirthing Breathwork – from therapy to the Grace of the Master

Two seekers sit at the feet of an enlightened being.

One is in a state of rapture, swaying in ecstasy, their body locked in spontaneous Kriya’s (yogic muscle locks/ contractions) and they are oblivious to their material world surroundings as their eyes direct  their consciousness upward to the sublime regions of the higher divine chakras – the blessing of Samadhi. Subsequently they feel they have found their ‘true’ master, and later all else becomes irrelevant. They have ‘found it’.

The other seeker on the other hand is sitting and waiting for something to happen Read More→