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Are you romantically involved with your mum or dad ?

That got your attention aye? You either cringed, gasped, stopped your breath, shuddered or any one of another 10 natural responses…

The truth is though, you are in a relationship with your mum and dad on some level as they are the 1st male and female you ever felt love for or loved by, therefore whatever you have unresolved with them you are playing out with your current adult partner, and you spend most of the time UNCONSCIOUSLY super imposing your mum and dad personalities and issues you have with them onto your current partner!

If this is not happening then it is even worse, Read More→

Emotional Integration

Why some people heal whilst others stay stuck

Emotional Integration. Sounds fancy… like the expression ‘Emotional Intelligence’… Scientific nearly… Conveys a sense of soul-full-ness and science at the same time… Rightfully so…

Our emotional process has a science to it. Read More→