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Jaan Jerabek gives individual rebirthing sessions and also offers full Professional Rebirthing training programmes. His Rebirthing Breathwork is powerful and liberating.

Hi there! Just to let you know a little bit about myself…

I began my spiritual journey at the age of 14, when I became a passionate and dedicated meditator.

By the time I was 15, I’d come home from school, close my bedroom door and spend up to 2-3 hours a day in meditation – my atheist parents found this a bit hard to digest, but that’s another story. During the next few years I sunk deeper into spirit and experienced many exquisite states. This only increased my desire to explore the full extent of my spirituality. This led me to Rebirthing Style Breathwork.

By the age of 20 I was a qualified Breathwork Facilitator and began seeing clients on a professional basis and facilitating workshops on personal and spiritual growth. At 21, I had a vision to bring Rebirthing Style Breathwork into mainstream healing. I was the founder and initial driving force of the body that has grown into the Australian Breathwork Association. This body is dedicated to raising the profile of Breathwork so it may claim its rightful perception as a valid, effective healing and psychotherapeutic technique.

Eighteen years on, I am still facilitating people’s growth and helping them achieve emotional well-being and inner peace. I still believe that Breathwork is the most potent and profound technique to accelerate a person’s evolution I’ve ever come across. I have tried many different disciplines ranging from Raja and Kundalini Yoga to more confronting US styles of personal development.

During my journey I have experienced what I would view as a nice balance of approaches to this phenomena we call our evolution. I have spent years involved in the more confrontational approach to personal development and therapy, all the way to receiving initiation and daily instruction and meditation energy transmission from various enlightened masters both on the material plane (incarnated masters/gurus) and on the higher/subtle planes from masters who are not presently incarnated.

Yet despite all these adventures I still find that Breathwork is the most potent form of healing I have ever experienced. These days I combine it with the work of Wilhelm Reich, the bodymind psychotherapist, who gave us great insight into the different defence structures we use to hold our emotional pain in our body and ‘Behavioural Decision Processing’ to get to peoples ‘core beliefs’ and issues quickly. If there was something else, believe me I would be using it with people and spreading the word!

If you want to experience Breathwork for yourself I specialize in individual sessions and 7 day live-in transformative intensives. I also provide 1 to 3 year professional facilitator trainings for people who want to start a career in Breathwork or would like to experience one of the most powerful transformational programmes available in Australia.


Jaan Jerabek

Jaan has been practising pranayama and meditating since the age of 14, and running personal development programmes since the age of 20. At age 20 Jaan also had a vision to make ‘breathwork’ a mainstream accepted healing modality and gathered the 1st group of practitioners and trainers of Breathwork that formed the first body of the association/ community that has grown into what is now the Australian Breathwork Association. A body of professionals raising the standards and helping breathwork gain the respect and credibility it deserves .

Jaan is much more than a ‘Breathworker’. He has become an authority on consciousness and evolution, let alone Breathwork.

He has been on track of his destiny since his early teens when he started to have visions of running spiritual development programmes for groups in nature. A committed and serious meditation practitioner since age 14 meant Jaan underwent his awakening of the 1st levels of his Kundalini energy & spirituality by his late teens.Since then Jaan has been devoted to uplifting humankind from the suffering caused by the human condition and has been developing ways to ‘fast-track’ evolution/ healing and as a result has brought into being the ‘Future of Therapy’ that his approach has become.

With over 22 years professional experience as a very busy and successful Breathwork therapist and facilitator, Jaan has literally faciliated 1000’s of breathwork sessions as well as 100’s of group & residential programmes.This has enabled him to refine his formula for deep transformation work and become a master of dealing with peoples ‘defence structures’ and other unconscious hinderances to healing & life change. Combined with his expanded consciousness, understanding, acceptance and joy, he is able to take people into parts of themselves they otherwise would not be able to access.

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