Jaan Jerabek

Jaan Jerabek

I warmly welcome you to my website and the style of Breathwork I use in my Breathwork Programs and teach in my ‘Jaan Jerabek School of Breathwork’ in Sydney.

After practicing daily Pranayama (YogicBreathwork)& Meditation since the age of 14 and professionally hosting Breathwork Therapy programs since age 20, it was a straightforward decision to focus on a style of ‘Emotional Trauma Release’ Breathwork that I call Cathartic Breathwork, ThisI have found to be the most beneficial and effective technique in bringing permanent healing out of All techniques I have come across in my 23 years of private practice.

What I term ‘Cathartic Breathwork’, is really a combination of what people may call ‘Holotropic Style Breathwork’ combined with the most leading edge psychotherapeutic techniques. This combination I literally call ‘The Future of Therapy’, as it is a much more accurate and effective way to release emotional trauma – the root of ALL our life issues.It is this that gives us relatively quick and permanent results as opposed to the ‘Rebirthing Style’/ Integrative Breathwork, which can be very hit &miss in its effects, due to it only being based on breathing and the healing depending on a hit and miss approach as it does not incorporate the most leading, cutting edge, grounded psychotherapeutic techniques that are necessary to use once the Breathwork has done its job of ‘temporarily dissolving’ the barrier between conscious and unconscious.

Cathartic Breathwork is for people who know that a quick fix over the course of a weekend is a pipe dream. It IS for intelligent& aware people who know that the body is a memory bank which holds all past trauma.Your physical body has inadvertently been shaped by your early trauma due to certain energy centres/ chakras and nadi’s/ energy channels being shut down to supress certain pockets of overwhelming emotional pain. This distorting of emotional channels and centres is what results in a distortion of the physical body – like rounded shoulders as the heart and will energy centre become like a black hole and suck not only energy by the muscular-skeletal system inwards, another example is when the heart becomes armoured and a solid almost palpable wall form around it results of major tension around the shoulders, chest, neck, and upper back. This is all reversible and only 2 examples of a wide variety of what the end physical product can be from emotional wounding.With each separate wounding comes a specific negative limiting core belief that also needs to be dealt with. The emotional pain is a like an electro-magnetic energy pack/ battery pack that keeps these beliefs alive running major decision making process, reactionary processes and destiny defining actions.

If your investigations have led you to this level of understanding of how we function and why you are the way you are AND you are ready to finally set yourself free from your past and work with someone who has the understanding and experience necessary to give you the results you are after, then call Jaan Jerabek on: 1300 500 881

About Jaan Jerabek –An Unparalleled level of Experience in Breathwork

Jaan Jerabek is one of Australia’s recognized authorities on Breathwork & Consciousness and a pioneer of running therapy groupwork trauma release therapy and personal development, using Cathartic Breathwork & the pioneering work of Wilhelm Reich and Body/Heart de-armouring techniques of Bio-Energetics.
Having started his inner journey at the very young age of 14 thru meditation and pranayama (Yogi style Breathwork), Jaan went on to become Australia’s youngest professional ‘Trauma Release Breathwork Therapist’ and started facilitating groupwork by the age of 20. By thisage,he also became the main driving force behind what has over the years evolved into the ‘Australian Breathwork Association’– Jaan being somewhat of a ‘futurist’ and recognizing early in his career that Breathwork IS the Future of Therapy, Jaan recognized quickly that for Breathwork to take itsrightful place as a valid and respected therapy it rightfully deserves. These small beginnings of the Australian BreathworkAssociation became the platform to educate the public, standardize trainings,ethics, and boundaries in Breathwork Therapy.

This is how the ‘Jaan Jerabek School of Breathwork’ was born. Soon Jaans’ 1 year trainings became the foundation training, those wishing to pursue a professional career facilitating individual session move on to do the 2nd year and those wishing to facilitate groups join the 3rd which trains them in the skills to run group therapy using Breathwork.

Soon the ‘Jaan Jerabek School of Breathwork’ went on to become one of the largest Breathwork Therapy & Training Organizations in the Southern Hemisphere with people travelling to the weekly Sydney classes from Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Queensland. Nothing stopped those who wanted THE BEST Training in Breathwork Therapy. People soon started travelling from Europe and even as far as Saudi Arabia just to attend his programs.

Currently age 43, Jaan owns & runs ‘Mandalong Sanctuary’ a retreat on 100 acres, at the foot of the Watagan Ranges, 90 minutes North of Sydney with the love of his life, his exceptionally multi gifted Yoga Teacher & Naturopath wife – Gina Burn-Jerabek and their Labrador, Yogi-Bear.

True Experience that you now get to benefit from

They say true knowledge is experience. If this truly is the case,no amount of money can buy you the experience Jaan Jerabek can give you!

Someone can say they have 20 years’ experience, including their 5 initial years of interest and training, the seeingof 2/3 people a week and run maybe 3,4 or 5 programs a year.

When Jaan talks of his 23years’ experience, he refers only to his 23 years of professionally facilitating programs as a trained professional. Practising Breathwork thru Pranayama daily since the age of 14, then even after all his training till age 20, Jaan only started counting his true experience from his 1st professional workshop which he facilitated at age 20. Duringhis extensive23-year career from that 1st professionally facilitated workshop, Jaan has personally hosted over 350 residential programs – from 2 day residential programs to his 7 Day residential programs, he has facilitated over a 1000 non-residential programs and at one stage was booked out weeks in advance running Australia’s 1st full time Breathwork clinic seeing 19 people for individual treatments every week, week in week out. All this unrivalled experience hasenabled Jaan to arrive ata veryprivileged position of personally facilitating and overseeing 1000’s of individual and group breathwork treatments.

This has enabled him to arrive at an unmatched and rare experience and understanding of the true cause and nature of the main issues we face as humans AND, most importantly, it has enabled Jaan to arrive at a very rare level of skill when it comes to helping people uncover their ‘life limiting’ core beliefs and discharging the emotional trauma energy that keeps these beliefs alive and running their lives.

Jaan has a passion for the ‘Emotional Trauma Release’ aspect of Breathwork. His main purpose is to use the platform of ‘The Depression Solution’ – the anxiety and depression treatment subsidiary of his Organization to make Breathwork a household name and have it be recognized for what it is – The Future of Therapy. Available to us now!

Jaan combines compassionate understanding and humour to make what can often be the unpleasant task of therapy a fun and pleasant one.

He is the one that people turn to when all that they have tried has not worked…

He is the one people turn to when they have a lot at stake – such as saving their marriage, business, or sanity…or literally their life

He is the one that people such as high level CEOs, Leaders, Partners in Law firms, People who are the top of their fields want the best when it comes to their own inner peace, quality of life & happiness!

Call now on 1300 500 881 if you are ready to set yourself free.

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